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The Shrimp Society is a community of local entrepreneurs building early-stage startups. 

We also host events, panels, workshops, have a startup job board, and send a fun weekly newsletter to thousands of local tech professionals.

Our mission is to attract, retain, and support ambitious early-stage founders in South Florida. 

If that sounds like you, we would love to welcome you to our community.

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Featured Story

shrimp Noun


1.  a young, humble, and ambitious entrepreneur

2. those who dare mighty deeds while being fearless of failure 

3. community-conscious professional looking to contribute to the Miami Tech ecosystem

synonyms: founder, creative, risk-taker, community builder

antonyms: fake, arrogant, taker, shark


 Sound like you? 

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How we're different

The Shrimp Society is a local and central entrepreneur hub where you can establish, network, & contribute to your community in a tangible way.

Right now, building a community is all over the place - Linkedin, Twitter, email, Slack, Clubhouse - It's a mess. 

LinkedIn is too general - "Nice post  👍🏻" from a sales person in Virginia isn't helping me.


Twitter is too fleeting - its great for in the moment news, but difficult to have extended engagement on topics.

Facebook is too lame? - 😬There, we said it.

Instagram is too personal - It's OK not to mix personal & professional.

Slack is too boring - we look at it all day anyways.

Clubhouse is too intangible - If you missed the session, you missed all the value.

The Shrimp Society isn't trying to replace those platforms for what they are.


Instead, we are on a mission to provide a local platform for the community, by the community.

guzman-barquin-txZsxZJNxnw-unsplash (1).

Why Now?

Miami's Tech & entrepreneurial ecosystem is booming. 

We're seeing unparalleled enthusiasm, talent migration, and collaboration due to Miami's:

  • Perfect harmony of lifestyle and opportunity
  • Growth of distributed & remote work

  • Foundation built by our community leaders over the past 10 years

  • Unmatched diversity of race, country, and culture - the perfect melting pot

  • Growing talent pool & programs

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