We're a community of ambitious builders.

We host events, programs, and purposeful connections throughout our community to help our members thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.


Founders are the catalyst to everything else in a startup ecosystem. The Shrimp Society is here to attract, retain, and support great entrepreneurial talent in Miami.

Chris Daniels

Founder | The Shrimp Society


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$53 Million

Raised by Our Founders

building alone
building in communiy
Taking an idea in your brain and making it come to fruition in the real world is one of the greatest quests in life.

We're a community of founders, creators, builders, and inventors that bend the world to our vision.

And you know what? That's really, really hard to do.

So we started the Shrimp Society so crazy founders can build in a community of other crazy founders.

We push one another.
We uplift one another.
We support one another.

We're talking about the 9pm call on a Saturday night "Hey can you review my pitch deck?" kind of support.

The "My investors don't know this but our CTO just quit. I don't know how to tell them." kind of shoulder to lean on.

There's not really any place for founders to be vulnerable and share the real sh*t of what it's like to be a founder.

Sure the highs are high, but the lows... they're low.

And if you don't have a community there to catch you when you fall, it can be a really lonely journey.

But you understand that. And that's probably why you made it here.

If joining a community like this excites you, then you're in the right place.
Building the Miami Tech Ecosystem with a founder-first approach.

Like a mangrove tree, our roots run deep in the Miami tech ecosystem. When you join the Shrimp Society, you'll enter a connected community of other builders. You'll be bumping into other members out on the town, in co-working spaces, and even the beach.  

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You got questions.
We got answers.

Is the Shrimp Society only active in Miami?

While a majority of our members live in South Florida, we do have members all around the world from New York City to San Francisco to Mumbi, India.

Think of it like Stanford & Palo Alto. The concentration is there, but there's alumni all over.

The Shrimp is like that with Miami. Miami is our homebase. It's our community. And it's our duty to grow the Miami Tech ecosystem with quality founders & startups.

How much does membership cost?

An annual membership to the Shrimp Society is $150. That's the price of Netflix. Except Netflix probably won't create a life-changing connection.

Our Accelerator Program costs $1,000.

Our graduates overwhelmingly report that the program is worth anywhere from $10k-$50k of value so it's a pretty good deal. They also say it's life changing, so do with that what you will.

Do you offer scholarships?

There's always a backdoor. If you contribute to the community in a structured way, we will comp your membership. Give us your pitch.

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