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Establish yourself in your community and the whole ecosystem with a member profile highlighting your experience. Chat, follow, network, and engage with anyone in the community.

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Your community is your tribe. With The Shrimp Society, members can join public and private groups with centralized content, forums, and interaction.

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Create Content, Get Heard, Become a Leader

You've got great insights - it's time to share them. Contribute to the local ecosystem by creating blogs, comments, forum posts, events, and more. The Shrimp will handle all the publication & distribution for you. Plus, your content contributions will live on your member profile. Show your impact.


Establish Yourself in the Community
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Join Communities
or Start Your Own
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Network, Publish, and Contribute
to Your Community

Chat with anyone in the community.

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Share your experience & expertise.

Contribute to the #MiamiTech ecosystem.

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Publish your insights.

We'll handle all the distribution for you.

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The Fee?

Nope. It's Free. 

The Shrimp Society's mission is to build a tangible community that #MiamiTech members can benefit from.


Let's build it together.

Join Our Community Platform Beta

The Shrimp Society is currently in Private Beta. We are making sure we can provide the resources and support to a few beachhead communities, and then will be opening up the platform to everyone.

If you have an existing community or would just like to be involved in the beta, please sign-up here.