[Mar. 12, 2021] S/o the Ladies, Pipe, & Reducing Food Waste

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How we doing everybody? Feels like a long week but we have some fun things to celebrate so let's dive right in.


💃 Miami's Women in Tech: In celebration of Monday's International Women Day we're highlighting a few of our local leaders.

💰 Pipe Funding News: $50m for a "Miami Movement" success story.

👾 Food Future Hackathon: Challenging young entrepreneurs to make an impact.

🦐 Our Values: First iteration of The Shrimp Society values.


Celebrating Miami's Women in Tech

History Lesson - The Mother of Miami: Miami is the only major US city founded by a woman. In 1890, Julia Tuttle (a widowed mother with 2 kids) sold her family’s estate in Ohio and bought 640 acres of what is now Downtown Miami. Tuttle then negotiated with Henry Flagler (one of the biggest railroad barons) to build a railroad down to Miami, giving the East Coast easy access to the Biscayne Bay area we call home. She also owned the first general stores, bakeries, and laundry shops in Miami. That’s a pretty epic #FounderStory. Celebrating Leaders in Miami Tech: While there are hundreds more to celebrate, I do want to shout-out a few women that have been making a big impact on our local ecosystem:

And here are a few local organizations supporting female-led companies:

Based on the recent Tech Hub South Florida Jobs report, we still have a lot of work to do to get women equal opportunity in the tech world. Women only make up 22.8% of South Florida tech jobs. We need to do better. We welcome any input on how The Shrimp Society can support & make an impact for the women in tech here in Miami.


Pipe, recent Miami tech transplant & hot startup, raises $50m with plans to grow Miami Hub

We're excited about this one. What is Pipe? Pipe is a marketplace where companies can sell recurring revenue contracts for upfront capital. This means SaaS companies can get the cash they need now to hire more employees, scale up faster, and increase market share all without diluting founders & employees. Pipe is targeting an interesting (and growing) market - FinTech services for SaaS companies. Other unicorn FinTechs serving this firmographic include Carta, Brex, and Plaid. Pipe is on a growth-spree with over 3,000 customers, huge names on their cap table, and now jet fuel in the bank account. Pipe's Background: Co-founders Harry Hurst, Josh Mangel, and Zain Allarakhia bring some serious West Coast startup talent to Miami.

  • Co-CEOs Harry and Josh built and sold Skurt for $50m to Fair

  • CTO Zain worked for leading Fintech engineering teams like Plaid & Braintree

  • COO Michal Cieplinksi adds major FinTech regulatory chops as previously SVP & General Counsel at LendingClub

Pipe is a "Miami Movement" success story: In September of 2020, Pipe leaders Harry & Michal left LA & Silicon valley to setup shop in Miami. They were warmly welcomed by the Mayor, the tech community, and the creative energy of Wynwood. Pipe’s strategy is to create “microhubs” - which is a really fancy way to say regional offices. This seems to be a common direction for tech companies in a post-Covid world. Pipe plans to hire local talent and grow here in Miami. 🚀


Entrepreneurial Spirit for Impact: Food Future Hack

Entrepreneurial Spirit: A core value of The Shrimp Society is the "Entrepreneurial Spirit." It’s that creator, builder, curious and questioning mindset. Venture-backed tech startups are one way that entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself, but it’s not the only way.

Meet Lokesh: Lokesh Ramamoorthi is a local software engineering & cybersecurity Professor at the University of Miami. Over the past few years, Lokesh saw a shift in his students’ mindset:

“All my students are entrepreneurial-minded now. They want to build something and get exposure to startups, tech, and opportunities to have a meaningful impact.

Introducing Food Future Hack: In order to challenge his students while making an impact, Lokesh created the Food Future Hack - a virtual hackathon and open innovation program focused on reducing food waste.

Hundreds of college & highschool student teams across the US will compete to ideate systems, technology, or initiatives to reduce food waste. Lokesh & his team have brought on corporate partners like UM, FIU, FAU, The Environmental Protection Agency, many more.

Open Innovation: Following the entrepreneurial spirit and impact theme, Food Future Hack is going to open-source all of the concepts submitted. Their intention is that anyone from high school kids to a Fortune 500 CEO should be able to pick up a solution they believe is viable and run with it.

Interested in getting involved? The event is this weekend (March 12-14) and you can register here. For sponsorship or involvement, reach out at Food Future Hack.


Our Values (v.1.0)

Company values are funny. When done unintentionally, it can seem like random word-soup where leaders reach into a bag of inspirational words and pull out a few to put up on a PowerPoint.

When used correctly though, company values can serve as pillars by which all decisions are guided, employees are treated, and what company culture revolves around.

We like the latter plan better. Here is the first edition of The Shrimp Society Values:

  1. Growth-Mindset

  2. Entrepenuerial Spirit

  3. Authenticity

  4. Diversity by Design

  5. Community Mentorship

We will be doing a breakdown of WHY these are our values in an article soon. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the weekend everybody. 😃

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