Miami Hack Week is going to be epic and you need to get involved

I was going to go to that ROI pitch event last night but then I got a call from Dave Fontenot and it changed everything. (Heard it was a great event though - good stuff @ManaTech)

Dave is organizing Miami Hack Week, a week-long, federated hackathon with dozens of hacker houses across Miami all competing for a big cash prize.

The goal? Move 5,000 engineers to Miami.

What's a hacker house?

Who's Dave Fontenot?

What does federated mean?

All valid questions.

From August 1 - August 8th, groups will be organizing hacker houses across Miami with 5-10-20 engineers all living together. Hack all day, and I would assume hang out, explore Miami, & party all night? Each hacker house competes for thousands of dollars in prize money.

There will be a kick-off event Sunday, Aug. 1st, and an expo planned for Friday, Aug. 6th.

Who's Dave Fontenot? Dave previously organized the largest hackathon in the world so he's pretty qualified to organize this. He's also a partner at Backend Capital, a VC firm focused on funding engineer founders. He's a Miami native who wants to help make Miami the tech hub it can become.

His only mission: Move 5,000 engineers to Miami

The Shrimp Society will be hosting a huge hacker house and be posted up all week with event, panels, parties, etc. We're all in. 🦐 If you want to get involved as a participant or sponsor, hit me up.

Here's what you should do right now:

  • Sign up for updates at

  • Mark your calendar for Miami Hack Week Aug. 1st - Aug. 8th

  • Find a hacker house (rented or borrowed) for 5 to 10 engineers for the week

  • Gather your team of both local & non-local engineers so we can show them what Miami is all about

  • Start planning cool events for that week- let's show these engineers what Miami has to offer!

We'll keep you updated on all this as it develops.

If you're tired of everyone complaining about "Miami has no engineers" - then this is your shot to make a difference. Let's all work together to move 5,000 engineers to Miami. 👾

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