Miami's New Hard Tech Community

In Miami's quest to be a tech hub on par with Silicon Valley, there's a gap that is commonly mentioned. Some would say Miami lacks deep tech & hard tech startups & talent.

We would say, you just don't know where to look 👀

What is deep tech & hard tech? Two different ways to say:

  • IoT

  • AR/VR

  • Robotics

  • Hardware

  • BioTech

  • And basically anything where software and hardware/physical materials interact

Two ambitious young entrepreneurs, Shrimp Society member Kayra Yasa 🦐 and Channing Pear, are helping the bringing the deep tech community together with two new local initiatives:

Hard Tech Miami and Deep Nights Miami

About Hard Tech Miami: After moving to Miami this year and joining the OnDeck Miami Drop, Channing Pear saw the lack of community for hard tech entrepreneurs. He started Hard Tech Miami with a long-term vision of creating a local hard tech ecosystem that rivals that of Silicon Valley.

Hard Tech Miami serves as a "lightning rod & loudspeaker" for local hard tech founders and technologists. The up-and-coming organization is looking for other hard tech founders & technologists to join. If that's you - please get involved through the website here.

About Deep Nights Miami: In Miami, this name would normally be associated with a deep house music club.

You would not think it was 40 nerds in a Brickell coffee shop talking about robots on a Friday night. But that's exactly what Deep Nights Miami was. And it was beautiful.

It's a monthly meetup organized by Kayra Yasa, a Pareto Fellow and now founder of a new Biotech company, that brings deep tech professionals together. Keep an eye out for future events from this group as they plan to hold the meetups monthly.

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