Shrimp Spotlight: Caroline Gyllensporre, Co-founder of Lantern Dating

Dating apps are like restaurants.

You have the fast food that you know is bad for you. Normally you find yourself here late at night or after a night out. Looking at you, Tinder.

Then there's the fast-casual. It's a little healthier but still pretty transactional. You could sit and stay for a while. You could get the guac and a beer. But you don't. You just get takeout or UberEats. It's still plastic silverware. That'd be Hinge.

There's also the really old mom-and-pop restaurants that you don't even know how they stay in business or who eats there. Sorry

Caroline Gyllensporre was fed up with the current dating app options that focused on superficial swiping and creeps.

She launched Lantern Dating with an innovative approach to building lasting connections with interactive storytelling.

With strong traction numbers and amazing customer reviews, she's raising a $3m seed round (with over $1m committed) to launch Lantern into the mainstream dating app scene. 💰

Meet Caroline

Caroline Gyllensporre was born in Sweden and spent her childhood moving to different countries like Turkey, Belgium, and others. She chose to land in Miami to attend FIU.

Caroline has diverse experience working with major brands, launching celebrity events, raising capital for commercial real estate, and innovating with top hospitality groups like Faena Group.

Caroline was also an early team member at a startup where she led partnerships and wore a variety of other hats.

On why she started Lantern Dating, Caroline said:

The current dating app world seems to have been built by men, for men based on what works best for men. Even Bumble adheres to the same low effort, appearance focused dating guidelines. We really wanted to develop a product that would put the focus on what women find important: personality, interests and willingness for a meaningful relationship. - Caroline Gyllensporre

The Tech

What I love about Lantern Dating is that they're using proven human psychology to build lasting human connections. Other apps use dirty Social Dilemma tactics to give you little dopamine hits to get you hooked on swiping.

Yehuda Jason Neuman | Co-founder Lantern Dating
Yehuda Jason Neuman | Co-founder Lantern Dating

Lantern's co-founder, Yehuda Jason Neuman, is a Miami native and son of one of the most notable psychologists on love & dating, Gary Neuman. Gary Neuman has been featured on Oprah multiple times and is a best-selling author. 🧠

Yehuda followed in those footsteps with a specialized degree in neuropsychology. He brings the hard science of human connection to Lantern's platform.

So how is Lantern different? Great question. Lantern uses interactive stories to connect like-minded people. As you meander through a fun series of "choose-your-adventure" stories, you're connected with similar matches.

It can start with something simple like "Where should we go tomorrow? A) Tulum, B) Park City, C) New York City." You then get matched with users that are walking down a similar story path.

Now, you have something in common that's deeper than looks to prompt a meaningful conversation. Lantern brings thoughtful substance to a market of cave-man reactions.

The app is also beautifully designed and super smooth. It's a great experience all around. 👏

Lantern Dating - The Shrimp Society

Why Miami?

When outsiders see "immigrant" & "Miami" in the same sentence, they normally think Latin America.

But the melting pot of Miami is much more than just Latin America - it's truly a global city. Caroline loves the international diversity of Miami. She feels that there is unmatched opportunity & acceptance for immigrants here in the 305. We agree. 🌎

Beyond the international diversity, Caroline also mentioned the underrated tech talent, particularly the talent coming out of her alma mater FIU.

Caroline & Yehuda are intentional about building Lantern here and see Miami as a huge advantage for startup founders. 🌴

We're proud to call Caroline a member of The Shrimp Society 🦐

Regarding The Shrimp Society, Caroline said:

Having a group of supportive fellow founders is one of the greatest assets for any entrepreneur. Shrimp Society not only delivers that but does so locally, allowing us to really pool resources and build each other up. I want to thank Chris and the others for establishing this group and we look forward to building Miami into the worlds next tech capital. - Caroline Gyllensporre

How can we help?

Here's how you can help Caroline & Lantern Dating become a Miami success story:

  1. If you're looking for love - download the Lantern Dating app

  2. If you're looking for a great investment - Lantern is actively raising a $3m seed round. Reach out to Caroline at

  3. If you're looking to support - Lantern hosts local IRL events for their users to mingle. Follow them on Instagram for more info.


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