Built in Miami Official Announcement

Venture Miami and the Shrimp Society Partner to launch the Built in Miami Startup Program - A year-long initiative designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs in Miami.

Chris Daniels
June 19, 2023

April 10, 2023 – Miami – Miami-based organizations Venture Miami and the Shrimp Society have partnered to launch the Built in Miami Startup Program, a year-long series of programs designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs in Miami. 

The Shrimp Society and Venture Miami have been supporting the startup community in various ways over the past few years. The Built in Miami Startup Program is a natural combination of resources, networks, and expertise to offer large-scale, quality programming to entrepreneurs in Miami. Argent Strategies, a Miami-based startup consulting and advisory firm, will serve as the educational facilitator for the Built in Miami Startup Program.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating,

"The Built in Miami Startup Program is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset that make Miami such a dynamic place to live and work. By providing early-stage entrepreneurs with the resources, networks, and expertise they need to succeed, we can continue to drive growth and opportunity in our community."

The Built in Miami Startup Program will feature three distinct tracts for entrepreneurs at each stage of their startup journey: the Zero to One Sprint program, the Builders Summer Series, and the Miami Startup Accelerator.

The Zero to One Startup Sprint The Zero to One Startup Sprint is an in-person actionable course that takes budding entrepreneurs from idea to prototype in six weeks. This program features two high-impact in person sessions per week. This program starts May 8th and ends June 16th. Applications for the Zero to One Startup Sprint are currently open and can be accessed via builtmiami.com 

The Builders Summer is a six-week series of focused co-working and purposeful collaboration opportunities. This is where entrepreneurs will go from prototype to MVP product. Similar to a hackathon, there will be various developmental resources and expertise provided, as well as ample opportunities to recruit co-founders and software developers. Builders Summer starts June 18th and ends August 4th. 

The Miami Startup Accelerator - The Miami Startup Accelerator is a traction-focused program for pre-seed Miami startups to get users, customers, and revenue through an eight-week guided process. Each week, local startup experts and CEOs will teach fundamentals for pre-seed companies. Founders will also progress through a focused due diligence preparation so they are prepared for fundraising from local investors at Demo Day. This program takes your pre-seed startup from product to traction, and ultimately the opportunity for funding. 

"We've been at the ground floor of the entrepreneur community in Miami for the past two years listening, asking questions, and understanding what types of programs our entrepreneurs need," said Chris Daniels, founder of the Shrimp Society. "The Build in Miami Startup Program is the answer to that question. With this program, we're excited to provide early stage entrepreneurs the support they need at each stage of their startup journey."

Applications to the Zero to One Startup Sprint are currently open at builtmiami.com. Applications for the Builders Summer Series and the Miami Startup Accelerator will open four weeks prior to their respective launch dates. Join the email list for updates on the program throughout the year. 

For more information, contact Chris Daniels at chris@theshrimpsociety.com.

About Venture Miami

Venture Miami, the economic development office of the City of Miami, was created by Mayor Francis Suarez with a clear mission to position Miami as the "capital of capital” with an innovative technology ecosystem and economy that delivers for everyone. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving, innovative technology ecosystem for everyone. We offer concierge support to funders and founders, connect talent to jobs, promote diversity, bridge connections, and support regional collaboration. Since 2021, we provided $6M in scholarship funding, held hiring fairs, and powered several accelerator programs for City of Miami residents. At Venture Miami, we're committed to driving Miami's innovation and tech scene.

About The Shrimp Society 

The Shrimp Society is a startup accelerator and community of early-stage entrepreneurs in Miami. The organization was founded in 2021 with the purpose of attracting, supporting, and retaining entrepreneurs to Miami. The Shrimp Society hosts both public events and private member-only events ranging from tactical startup workshops to large panels to casual community building activities like beach yoga. Shrimp Society entrepreneurs have raised over $53 million in early stage capital thanks in part to the programs, community, and resources provided by the organization. 

About Argent Strategies 

Argent Strategies is a startup consulting and advisory based in Miami. They provide tactical advice, hands-on services, and even serve as co-founder to a select number of startups. Their expertise in capital raise preparation and due diligence, financial planning, and go-to-market operations has served dozens of successful early stage startups. 


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